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Proofing Checklist

Check proofs for accuracy against laser prints and mock-ups:

Are all pages included in the proof?

Are the pages in the proper order & page numbers correct?

Are all images/photos included and in proper placement?

Measure the final trim size and check folds for accuracy.

Check for image quality and color accuracy:

Are photos cropped correctly?

Are all photos facing the proper direction?

Do photos & graphics have good contrast?

Check color placement & color consistency throughout the pages. If you have received a color
accurate proof, are the colors correct?

Check general accuracy of fonts, bleeds, and crossovers:

Are all fonts correct?

Is the text crisp & spaced properly?

Are the margins & page alignment(s) correct?

Are there any missing characters or broken type?

Verify that bleeds extend beyond the trim marks.

Highlight hickeys and misc. scratches:

Are there dust spots, printing marks, or dirt marks?

Double check set-up and print specifications:

Verify any finishing elements like die-cuts, embossing, foils, varnishes, etc.

Confirm the weight and color of the final paper stock.

Check indicia for accuracy (if item is used for mailing).

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