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File Prepping Checklist

Job Components:

Label all electronic media appropriately.
Files received via e-mail or ftp should be stuffed or zipped.

Laser Proofs:

Supply current updated lasers and PDF file.
Dummy mock-up necessary on complicated jobs to show back up.
Any special specifications noted (odd size, 3-hole punch, paper stock, varnish, die cuts, embossing, foils, etc.).

Page File Submission:

When supplying files to OSP, we recommend using “collect for output” from Flightcheck, InDesign, or Quark Xpress. This assists in gathering corresponding files needed for processing. Be aware that these methods do not always collect fonts or images that are embedded. PLEASE DO NOT EMBED FILES OR FONTS.
Do not use special characters when naming files (i.e. *&?/@!).

Electronic Components:

Line art files should be scanned at 800-1200 dpi, when used at 100% size or less.
Color images should be scanned CMYK at 300 dpi when used at 100% size or less.
Line weights are to be no smaller than .25 pts.
Build bleed areas to 1/8".
All live matter of importance (including type) must be a minimum of 1/4" inside the final trim area.

Color Considerations:

Make sure that all images are CMYK. Please convert all RGB and Indexed colors to CMYK.
Check that all spot colors are clearly defined as spot colors, and that they match in all support and page layout files.
If you are not using spot colors in your printing job, please make sure to convert all PMS colors to CMYK in your file.
DO NOT USE “Registration” as a color.
If you are using multi-channel DCS files, please include the layered files with all file submissions – including PDF, in order for proper separations.

Font Issues:

Supply all fonts used for your job (page layout and support files). Please include screen and printer fonts.
DO NOT USE the fonts New York, Geneva, City, etc. in your layout. (These are laser printer fonts, and they are not made for going to printing press and postscript.)
DO NOT STYLIZE FONTS. Please use the appropriate font with its attribute
(i.e., HelveticaBold NOT Helvetica + the B button on the control panel for fonts).

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